Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't Help That Old Lady!!!!

Do not help that old lady, especially if she is from Jiangsu Province.

The old lady made a scene and created a road block near the officer resort of 23rd Army Group in Huashanwan in Zhenjiang of Jiangsu Province around 6:30 pm on January 23, 2008. The girl in red coat crying was a middle school student. When she saw an old lady (right in yellowish parka) stumped after being hit by another cyclist, she came forward to help the old lady. She was astounded when the old lady grabbed her and asked for medical compensations. The old lady claimed that the girl hit her, and that unless the girl paid some money she would not let the girl go. Being shocked, the girl could do nothing but crying. As shown by the picture, the old lady grabbed the girl's bike so that the girl couldn't go.

Fortunately, it was a busy time and there were many witnesses who saw the whole incident. The old lady was surrounded by angry people who demanded her to let the girl go. The old lady refused and kept demanding money from the poor girl.

Soon some journalists rushed to the scene. The old lady was not embarrassed a bit. She even posed to have pictures taken by photo reporters.

Then the police arrived, and released the girl after collecting witnesses' testimonies.

Encouraged by the absurd sentencing in the Nanjing calabash monk case, old ladies in Jiangsu are mobilized to set up traps and maliciously sue whoever helps them. Not everyone is as well informed. It's such a pity for the poor girl to learn her first lesson of reality in such a cold and cruel way, but she's so fortunate to have dozens of witnesses willing to testify on her side. In the Nanjing case, the old lady's son is a police officer. At least two police officer investigating that case gave false testimony (even after caught by TV cameras) to the court. We could only assume the Zhenjiang old lady did not have a cop son.

The words are out though. Last week in Yangzhou, another city in the Jiangsu Province, a young man helped an old lady to stand up after she fell on a slippery ice. Then a friend with him yelled to him 'don't, she will sue you if you help her!'. The young man dropped the old lady in confusion and immediately ran away. The old lady who was otherwise fine at the moment broke her leg.

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