Friday, January 25, 2008

Michigan Denied Driver's Licnese to Non-Resident Aliens

The State of Michigan just announced that it would ban driver's license to all foreigners on temporary visa, including foreign students who hold F1 visa and foreign high tech workers who hold H1-B visa. This is a big slap on the face to the large Chinese scholars and engineers working in this ailing state supported by the wheels made in Detroit. The message is clear, that they are not welcomed and they should have packed and left or just leave now.

It's a smart move by State Attorney General Mike Cox to appeal to the white trash dominated auto worker state for cheap votes. It probably won't hurt the local economy or even research much. As the single state to expel foreign talents blindly, Michigan will probably do fine by absorbing American talents from all other states. As pointed out by the Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, the state government will be able to focus on serving American residents more efficiently rather than wasting time being confused on all kinds of paperwork (of those legal aliens).

This will not be a good idea, however, if other States joint the suit. It is no secret that American people can enjoy their living standard and style only because the American economy can exploit almost all other economy entities in world wide business and trade. It's a simple fact that any natural population can't produce enough talents to sustain this trends by its own. Unlike other challenges the US is facing, such as the Iraq war, this kind of measure has far deep reaching eroding effects on the US's future. The war may bankrupt American account ultimately, but the rejection of foreign talents is draining American's blood.

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