Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Reporter Wanted for Slander

Three Xifeng police tried to arrest a Beijing reporter at her office last week on a defamation case. Xifeng is a county of Tieling City of Liaoning province in northeastern China. The reporter Zhu Wenna published a story in Xifeng where a local business woman was alleged wronged by the communism party boss Mr. Zhang Zhiguo.

It's not news journalists had been prosecuted or jailed for reporting on the wrong side. However, this is the first time a local party boss sent police to arrest a journalist working for the party's central committee. Zhu Wennan is a senior reporter of the 'Legal Daily', which is an official propaganda branch of the central committee of law and disciplinary, the top agency that oversees law and order in China.

According to Chinese laws, defamation cases are self-initiated, that can only be initiated by a complaint by the alleged victim. The Xifeng party boss did not file a formal complaint, therefore, the charge filed by the Xifeng police is illegal. Tried to arrest a Beijing reporter who works for the CCP's central committee with a questionable warrant is literally and mentally insane.

In a separate case, another CCP county boss of Suide County, Shannxi province arrested a middle school principle because the principle tried to seek the party boss's signature on government support for poor students. Although the central government allocates money for students in poverty, often the local party boss has the final say on whether the money will be used for its designated purpose. Facing an online and media outcry, the Suide party boss was ordered to apologize to the principle.

By all means, the incident is like a small town mayor sent his pitiful police force to the White House, seeking arresting the press secretary Tony Snow for his negative comment of his office made on a press conference the day before, without either a court warrant nor the involvement of a district attorney. If he got his way, people would know that the president really wanted to silence the media, not long those run by New York Times, but also include his own press secretary. The may serve as a wakeup call to top CCP officials in Beijing on the extend of human rights abuse committed by local party officials, or, we will see.

In the communists-run China, however, this kind of behavior can only be seen as 'insane' and bazaar. Many commentators on the Net associated the incident with an attempt of coup detat. It's amazing to see the CCP central committee was caught out of guard on such a serious offence, made by such an insignificant lower lover party official in remote area, for such an wrongful, illegal and absurd cause.

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