Friday, July 04, 2008

people applauses bloodshed in police headquarter

A Beijing resident killed 6 Shanghai policemen, and wounded 4 others with a chef knife. When the words spread, the Chinese Internet community exploded with cheers and stand ovations.

Last October, Beijing resident Yang Jia came to Shanghai on a leisure trip. He rented a bicycle from a bike shop near the Zhabei rail station. Before he had a chance to tour Shanghai on the rental bike, he found himself in a jail room, beaten by several police, again and again. They wanted him to admit he had stolen the bike.

He was beaten so badly that the doctor told him he lost reproduction capability forever. He went back to Zhabei Police Bureau to complain. The Zhabei Police told him they would pay $2,000, but would not admit any guilt. When Yang pressed more, the director of the Zhabei Bureau told him he would throw him in jail again. Yang tried to complain to other government agencies and news media in Shanghai, but he was only laughed at.

He's no longer a male, but Yang decides to live and die like a man. Citizen Yang Jia had left with only one choice. On the day of the 87th university of the founding of the Chinese Communism Party, Yang pick up a chef's knife and came to the police headquarter of the Zhabei Police. He searched from the 1st floor to the 21st floor, for cops who had beat and threatened him, and killed them all. He did not hurt any female officers, and did not kill any other police who did not mistreat him.

A Beijing resident, Yang Jia lives in an old apartment building in north Beijing, just a stone's throw away from the 'Bird Nest' Olympics Stadium.

Fuck the Olympics!

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