Monday, July 21, 2008

Yet Another Olympic Fake Show

A Chinese student of Stanford University set sail across the Pacific Ocean to cheer for the Beijing Olympic Games. Not long before she admitted in her blog that she did not even have enough money to go beyond California coast. Rather, she was hoping someone would take over the project after the PR stun. The student claimed to be a resident of former Shunde, a rural county in Guangdong province, and the act was to promote for name recognition of Shunde.

Shunde became very prosperous after being designated as a test area of the 'Reform and Open Door' policy. It was also known for sweat labor factory and business fraud. The stun pulled by the student is yet another fake show associated with Shunde. If Shunde people truly believe any publicity is good thing, at least they got another bad name this time. Shunde has been an affluent community thanks to it's low tech junk and illegal slave worker business. Many people use products manufactured in Shunde without realizing it because most stuff made in Shunde would not labeled as such because it is either too bad a product itself or an illegal knock off. Now, it is finally put on the map.

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