Tuesday, December 16, 2008

McDonald's Sanyuan Melamine Baby Killers

Hebei Sanlu (Three Deers) Dairy Company, a state run enterprise triggered the melamine crisis, changed its name to Sanyuan (Triple Circles) Hebei to avoid compensating victims. Sanyuan is a Beijing based dairy company listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The wholly held subsidiary will start producing next week.

Sanyuan operates McDonald's franchise in Beijing and Guangzhou. While Sanyuan refused to pay for baby's medical expenses, more are dying at this minute.

After the scandal was revealed, more than 30,000 infants were hospitalized and had to go through surgery, while tens died.

The court system across China have thrown out legal complaints against Sanlu, citing government instructions.

The next burger you eat in McDonald's is dipped with baby blood. Boycott Sanyuan, for your health; Boycott McDonald's, for justice!

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