Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 10 Chinese Internet Events in 2008

  • Fuzhou Marina Affairs Director tried to grab a teenage girl into the man's restroom. When confronted with the girl's parents, Lin threatened the parents when they refused to take his money offer. The entire incident was caught on tape by surveillance camera. Lin was removed from the position.
  • A few foreign websites, such as New York Time and the Wikipedia was unblocked during the Olympic Game in the summer.
  • A local official lost a new appointed position after the information was leaked online. A Nanjing Housing Director was placed under investigation after network pictures showing him wearing luxury watches.
  • Explicit pictures depicting sexual adventures of Hong Kong actor Chen Guanxi with many other actresses were spread online.
  • Concerned citizen used Internet to investigate the motivation led to the slain of Shanghai cops by Beijing resident Yang Jia. One person was arrested after leaking the information that Yang Jia had been wrongfully tortured by the police.
  • Netizens were divided by the authenticity of a photo taken by a peasant of a wild tiger in Shannxi. Citizen Reporting an innovative idea;
  • First Online slander case ruled;
  • Popular new jargons:
    1) Push up
    2) Buying Soy Sauce;
    3) Five Times Better;
    4) To be Suicides;
    5) Very Yellow, Very Violent
  • Duke University freshman Wang Qianyuan was criticized for appearing with Tibet Independent Parade
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