Monday, December 15, 2008

Reporter Vaporized in Shanxi

Guan Jian was last seen kidnapped from his hotel room in Taiyuan Shanxi 14 days ago. Mr. Guan Jian is the chief reporter of the 'Wangluobao (Network Daily)'. His assignment in Shanxi was about a real estate company's misconduct in land use. The head of the company is a senior local official. Li Shuanglong, the Assistant to the Chief Editor of Network Daily arrived Taiyuan on Dec 8th to handle the rescue. Local police at the Yingze Bureau refused to register the case.

Last week, a CCTV reporter was arrested by a D.A. office after she made a report of the corruption of the same office. Last year, a reporter Lan Chengzhang was beaten to death in Shanxi. In a early high profile case, a reporter was sentenced to jail for eight years after reporting a corruption case in Shanxi.

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