Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Only Chinese Travellers Are Allowed to Die on Chinese Rail

Only Chinese travellers could die on Chinese rail system in a harmonic society.

Chen Shanwu got on the K160 train from Kunming to Chongqing on January 14, 2009. Around 4 o'clock the next morning, he suffered a seizure, 2 hours before it would arrive the final destination Chongqing. His wife Li Zhengying reported to the attendants, but was told the train would not stop for a sick person so they would have to wait. In addition, the train was behind schedule, so it would skip a few scheduled stops. The words from the rail was to 'HOLD ON' until it arrive Chongqing 2 hours later. Two hours later, Chen Shanwu died.

On August 22 last year, in a high profile PR stunt, a high speed train 2220 from Qiqihaer to Dalian made an unscheduled emergent stop so that a group of seven Japanese tourists could catch their flight. The rail system even arranged police car escort between the train stop place and the airport.

The rail system is not the only state run agency to honor the Communism government's call to build a harmonic society. On December 19, 2008, the Chinese aviation authority opened up an air route in Xinjiang so that an American who got cold could have a shorter flight to Hong Kong. The route was closed immediately afterwards. Not far away in northwestern airport in Jiuquan, a 14 years old Chinese girl was denied boarding a flight to nearby city Lanzhou, the only chance for her to have a surgery to connect leg severed in a car accident. The girl had to take a car to the hospital, and lost her leg forever.

It is a personal tragedy to be born in a communism China as a Chinese. On the other hand, if you bear a foreign passport, Welcome to Beijing!

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