Monday, January 26, 2009

Communists in Tech Celebrating While Campus Mourned Lost of Life

The VT output sponsored by the communism government, the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars (ACSS), celebrated lunar new year at 7 pm on Sunday Jan 26, 2009 with music and dancing, the exact same time while the memorial for the slain Chinese girl Yang Xin was being held at the Graduate Life Center where she once lived. Only that the show was in a different (the auditorium) room. While people in US and China were still in shock, the ACSS cares nothing but covering its own ass. Immediately after the tragedy, the ACSS banned the VT Chinese community from discussing the case. Some VT Chinese students openly called the organization to reconsider the timing of the event, but for the communists and those communists wannabes, The show must go on.

A facebook group was set up for the girl. Yang Xin's body is being sent back to her family in Beijing for a funeral. The girl was searching for cheap ticket to go back China during Spring break for her wedding on March 7th.


-- 陶渊明

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