Monday, March 29, 2010

Law Makers Asked University Not to Sue Interest Groups

Students participating the environmental law clinic at the University of Maryland were told to stop working on two cases against local poultry industry brought up by environmental groups. It was part of the curriculum of the law school to have law students working on real cases.

Senator Tomas M Middleton, a Democrat, said, "What I'm hoping is they'll have some sensitivity......Farming and agriculture on the Eastern Shores seems to be under attack." Along with 34 other senators, a measure will block $250,000 if the University does not comply. A similar measure in the House will take away $500,000. About 30% of the University's budget comes from the State.

Two cases were at stake. One regards direct drainage into the Pocomoke River; the other regards a poultry company whose way of controlling a large number of farms.

History could argue that, sometimes, a 'corrupted' legislature serves the society better as a 'Chinese style' rubber stamp.

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