Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parents Arrested for Taking Children to Hospital

Parenting has never been easy, it's just more difficult in some places in China under communism regime.

Parents in Sichuan Province were jailed after asking the government to investigate the building quality of those collapsed in the earthquake.

Parents in Hunan Province were jailed after taking their kids to do blood work in hospitals in neighboring areas.

On September 18, 2009, hundreds farmers of Jiahe County, Hunan rented buses to take their kids to Guangzhou to test led level. They had to go to Guangzhou because local government forbade this testing in local hospitals. Because of industrial pollution, about 80% of local children were lead poisoned. Their bus convey were stopped by police officers led by the local Party Legal Secretary LI Ying.

Li Ying told reporters of Xin-Jing Bao (New Beijing Daily), they did nothing wrong to detail the parents because they followed legal procedures, even though they had originally thought the farmers were going to appeal to upper government. Farmers were at fault because they did not inform local government their intention before leaving home. Li said by throwing a small amount farmers in jail, 'the majority of population were thus educated'.

All of the pollution producing companies were owned by officials in local government.

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