Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Apology Was Due, Said Hubei Governor

The whereabout of governor of Hubei Province had been tracing down by curious reporters in the past couple of days, after he grabbed a female reporter, and confiscated her recording pen at a news conference of the National People's Congress.

Today LI Hongzhong was finally ready to talk to official reporters of designated agencies regarding the weired episode on March 7, 2010. He stated that no apology was due in this case because the reporter, LIU Jie of Beijing Times committed fraud impersonation (as a People's Daily reporter).

Beijing Times is a wholly owned regional division of People's Daily, targeting readers in Beijing. The relationship is somewhat analogous to that between a Buick and General Motors.

Governor LI said he would prefer to forgive the misdemeanor of the young reporter because she was still new in this field.

All reference to the incident had been wiped out from the web inside China protected by the Great FireWall.

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