Sunday, May 02, 2010

No Children Should Die, until at a Good Time for the Party

Although western media had reported the horrible tragedy happened in a daycare in Taizhou, Jiangzhu on April 29, Chinese media distanced themselves to another planet.

According to western media, as well as 'rumors' spreading on Chinese forums, 32 toddlers were attacked, 24 died. A man who was wronged by an official of the Taizhou government set out to kill the grandson of the official.

Because of the Shanghai World Expo, which opened on May 1, is supposed to be a 'harmonic' event, which would be attended by the 'harmonic' Party Boss Hu Jintao, the tragedy should not have happened, and no children should die.

Hu Jintao not only blocked all news following up of the tragedy in China, they refused to say how many of the 32 attacked toddlers were dead and the status of the rest. When the Party Boss Hu Jintao is drinking and enjoying music, no Chinese should be sad.

They government blocked all parents of the toddlers who suffered severe injuries. They were not informed of their child's status, as of today, just in case they would be sad in a bad timing.

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