Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tencent, No 4

In a recent Goldman Sachs report, Tencent, an Internet company of China, was placed No. 3 in innovation capability, next to Apple, Google and Amazon, but ahead of Microsoft.

Indeed, Tencent is No. 9 on Google's Top 1000 Internet sites in terms of unique visitors, and No. 8 in terms of page views. Started as a Chinese version of ICQ, for many younger generation less-educated Chinese, QQ, Tencent's messenger service, is the alias of Internet. In March 2010, the simultaneously online users of QQ reached 100 million.

Tencent, too, is a pioneer in self-censoring of 'sensitive words'. The range of 'sensitive words' varies, depends on the eagerness of the vendor. For Tencent, there are many, many, many. For example, 'memorize'.

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