Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ancient Wisdom

A Chinese idiom, 养寇自重, or foster small enemies to promote oneself. Military leaders in border areas often do not eliminate some small enemies so that they could claim to their boss in the capital cities the importance of their job. It's a strategy can be spotted through thousands of years of Chinese history.

The neighboring country India, another great ancient culture, derived from these theories and elevated it to a new level, when there are no real enemies, they would kill some innocent civilian and tell the world they are terrorists.

An investigation conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir (a border area controlled by India while in dispute by Pakistan) police revealed a set up by Indian Army troops to kill local civilians then claim they are Pakistani terrorists.

On April 30 2010, three local boys were lured by another local individual who had been paid by the Indian Army to a remote area of Machil, close to the truce line between India and Pakistan, where a trap was set up by the Rajputana Rifles, the most senior rifle regiment of the Indian Army. The three clueless teenagers were surrounded by the regiment and literally torn to pieces by heavy gunfire pouring down from the sky. They the Indian Army faked the scene to make it like a random encounter with armed Muslims terrorists from Pakistan. The bodies of the three teenagers were presented to the Indian Army headquarter as evidence of anti-terrorists victories.

The police arrested three people involved, and is seeking custody of an army colonel D K Pathania, a major Upinder and five other military personnels responsible for the incident. The Indian Police sent a letter to the Indian Army on June 28, 2010, 'asked them to expedite the process of handling over the Army officers and troopers so that investigation in the case proceeds', a request that did not get an answer.

People in the area have long been accusing the Indian Army for killing innocent residents, while this case bing the first confirmed by India's own police investigation. Evidents showed such cases were endorsed and organized by senior army officers. Indian Army had long been bragging its critical role in the US's anti-terrorism war, and had been desperate to back up the claim.

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