Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ancient Wisdom

A Chinese idiom, 养寇自重, or foster small enemies to promote oneself. Military leaders in border areas often do not eliminate some small enemies so that they could claim to their boss in the capital cities the importance of their job. It's a strategy can be spotted through thousands of years of Chinese history.

The neighboring country India, another great ancient culture, derived from these theories and elevated it to a new level, when there are no real enemies, they would kill some innocent civilian and tell the world they are terrorists.

An investigation conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir (a border area controlled by India while in dispute by Pakistan) police revealed a set up by Indian Army troops to kill local civilians then claim they are Pakistani terrorists.

On April 30 2010, three local boys were lured by another local individual who had been paid by the Indian Army to a remote area of Machil, close to the truce line between India and Pakistan, where a trap was set up by the Rajputana Rifles, the most senior rifle regiment of the Indian Army. The three clueless teenagers were surrounded by the regiment and literally torn to pieces by heavy gunfire pouring down from the sky. They the Indian Army faked the scene to make it like a random encounter with armed Muslims terrorists from Pakistan. The bodies of the three teenagers were presented to the Indian Army headquarter as evidence of anti-terrorists victories.

The police arrested three people involved, and is seeking custody of an army colonel D K Pathania, a major Upinder and five other military personnels responsible for the incident. The Indian Police sent a letter to the Indian Army on June 28, 2010, 'asked them to expedite the process of handling over the Army officers and troopers so that investigation in the case proceeds', a request that did not get an answer.

People in the area have long been accusing the Indian Army for killing innocent residents, while this case bing the first confirmed by India's own police investigation. Evidents showed such cases were endorsed and organized by senior army officers. Indian Army had long been bragging its critical role in the US's anti-terrorism war, and had been desperate to back up the claim.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lament of the Premier

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao told college students, 'do real work, don't be officials'. The No. 3 ranking official has been screaming his desperation recently, parting way from his colleagues in the Party in public.

The Organizational Deputy Minister of the CCP, Mr. Wang Taifeng, recently put the total number of CCP members as 77.995 million by the end of 2009, with a net gain of 2.065 million over the previous year.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chinese American Careers

Less Chinese Americans work for the government or as entrepreneurs (6.1%). Even less (2.5%) second generation Chinese American are entrepreneurs, comparing to the national average of 6.5%.

Most common career for Chinese Americans is the food and restaurant industry, doubles those work in IT, universities or hospitals.

A Chinese American male is most likely (13.4%) to be a chef, followed by a software developer (8.2%). For female, software developers top at 6.1%, followed by accountants and auditors (5.2%).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

VIP screening of Red Dawn

Router Zonet ZSR4134WE supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n is a really nice deal at $24.99 with $2.99 shipping at, a Chinese company which always brings amazing deals to American consumers, with added value for free.

In the case of the Zonet router, an internal firewall protects users from 'bad' Internet sites, including anyone who is considered a threat to the communism government. For example,, an overseas Chinese students online community.

发信人: newgame24 (随时查收, 信区: WaterWorld
标 题: 天朝生产的路由器真强,内置防火墙屏蔽mitbbs网站
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Thu Jun 17 00:55:41 2010, 美东)

刚刚在newegg 买的路由器,Zonet ZSR4134WE,居然内置防火墙,屏蔽mitbbs等网站。

.本人使用time warner cable,以前路由器也可以正常上mitbbs,现在这个路由器就不行。

3.iphone 如果用这个路由器的wifi信号就上不了,用3信G号正常上。请
5. 看了Newegg的评论,人家写道:
This device seems to have a built in firewall that you can't control... I have no problems when I connect my PC directly to my DSL modem, but when this router is in between I have problems with Blizzard downloader.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photos Don't Lie, the Criminal Justice System Did

June, 2010, Washington DC. Congressman Bob Etheridge grabbed and battered a college kid, who asked him in a calm soft voice, 'Do you fully support the Obama agenda?', after greeting him on a public sidewalk.

  • obvious problem: An attack and battery case was committed under daylight on a busy street in front of numerous bystanders caught on tape, which was posted to Youbute, and the story was carried by more than 600 news sites.
  • reality check: No charge filed
    June 12, 2010, Maryland. Montgomery County police officer Dina Hoffman was acquitted of perjury. Family celebrated in the courtroom.

  • obvious problem: Officer Hoffman claimed she caught, and wakened a man behind the wheel in a running car who had passed out drunk. Hoffman had testified against the man 12 times in court, until a surveillance video from a nearby shop surfaced. At the time, the video showed, the man was sleeping in a backseat of his friend's car in a park-to-ride parking lot, waiting for his friend to give him a ride home.
  • reality check: Officer was acquitted.
  • unrelated, but also in Maryland, a neighboring County called Frederick, also a female officer, Officer First Class Megan Mattingly admitted she lied in a drug case. Mattingly admitted she did not witness an alleged drug deal, although she wrote in her report that she did. In a sense, officer Mattingly was 'bedeviled'. She testified in the court that her training at the Police Academy instructed that an officer always write in the first person, whether they witnessed something firsthand or not. No wonder the police chief invited the good o' neighbor Montgomery Police Department to 'investigate'. The aforementioned officer Dina Hoffman is a member of the Montgomery Police Department. No charge is filed.
    March 15, 2010, Maryland. State trooper Joseph David Uhler, in plain clothes, driving an unmarked car, with no lights flashing, intercepted a motorist and pulled his gun on him, alleging driving 80 in 65 zone on I95. The guy has a video camera attached to his helmet, which recorded the scene continuously. The guy then posted the video online. Maryland State trooper detained the guy's entire family, including his parents and little sister who is still at school age. Seized his parent's three computers, and threw the guy in jail.

  • obvious problem: No law is violated by the guy when videotaping on a public road. Maryland State law specifically stated: State courts interpreted laws to protect communications only when parties have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Plus, the guy does not even live with his parents. Actually, the judge who later released the guy after he was able to posting a $15,000 bail 26 hours later said, "I have no idea why you're charged with this".
  • reality check: Maryland State Trooper did not admit wrongdoing, while the judge who signed the search warranty of the guy's parents' home claimed 'privacy'.
  • Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Tencent, No 4

    In a recent Goldman Sachs report, Tencent, an Internet company of China, was placed No. 3 in innovation capability, next to Apple, Google and Amazon, but ahead of Microsoft.

    Indeed, Tencent is No. 9 on Google's Top 1000 Internet sites in terms of unique visitors, and No. 8 in terms of page views. Started as a Chinese version of ICQ, for many younger generation less-educated Chinese, QQ, Tencent's messenger service, is the alias of Internet. In March 2010, the simultaneously online users of QQ reached 100 million.

    Tencent, too, is a pioneer in self-censoring of 'sensitive words'. The range of 'sensitive words' varies, depends on the eagerness of the vendor. For Tencent, there are many, many, many. For example, 'memorize'.

    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    The fate of a little girl

    A sketch of the little girl based
    on the passenger's description.
    The girl looks like 3 years old,
    small and narrow face, big eyes,
    long eyelets, curved hair.
    She was wearing Adidas top,
    a pink skirt and Adidas pants.
    However, the clothes were very
    dirty. She was bear foot.
    A little girl disappeared from a packed train in Jiangxi, China on June 8. Hundreds children were stolen and kidnapped in China everyday. At any given time, hundreds of stolen children were being transported by cars, trucks, buses, and train. One of such trafficking was noticed by an alert passenger Mr. Yang. Mr. Yang attempted to dial 110, police emergence number, but was not able to connect. Mr. Yang then notified the railroad attendance, once oral, and once in writting, and the police on board. Mr. Yang took off at station of Quzhou at 8:14 on June 9, when he got hooked up and posted online, while the train was travelling at over 100mph on its way from Wenzhou, Zhejiang to Guiyang, Guizhou. The post received more than 2.5 million hits and 200 pages of threads in a matter of hours.

    Hundreds of thousands of Chinese Internet readers were mobilized to contact dozens of police and national security agencies through public as well as private channels. All railroad and police agencies along the thousand mile of railroad were contacted while the K941 train was in their judiciary. National and Provincial governments were contacted, too.

    And the 3 years old girl disappeared along with the human traffickers.

    No single government, railroad or police department reacted to the repeated alert. It is reported that in some major cities on the route, the police emergency number were blocked because of the volume of the calls on the little girl from all over the country. The most common answer from the dispatchers was, 'we know, thank you.' And that was it.

    Finally, one of the Internet readers got his brother, a railroad detective in Zhuzhou, Hunan to abroad the train when it arrived Zhuzhou at 16:36 on June 9. The railroad police on the train told the detective that the girl and the traffickers were taken off the train in Yingtan, Jiangxi by police for questioning.

    The online community celebrated, only to know that the onboard turned out to be a lie, the reason of the lie (to a police colleague) was difficult to comprehend.

    Police's inaction in 8 hours while the train K941 was travelling between Quzhou and Jiangtan.

    Three days later, the facts we could collect at this time was, the group was on the train in Cart 11, seat 97 while Mr. Yang took off at the station of Quzhou. They were no longer seen by the time the train left station of Yingtan, a huge train hub connecting three major railroads. While media pressure mounting on, police in Yingtan checked all surveillance cameras in the station, but did not find the group. There were three stations between Quzhou and Yingtan, which were Yushan, Shangrao and Guixi.

    Now you get an idea why so many children could disappear in a totalitarian police state. You may also get an idea why Premier Wenjia stated there was deeper social root to understand the multiple high profile violent unrests in a recent talk.

    Stolen children were often trained to be beggars. In order to take advantage of people's sympathy, many of them were maimed. They would be broken both legs and sometimes all four limps, blinded, had tongue cut, etc. Some were sold to government infancy, where they would be sold to American adopters.

    Wednesday, June 09, 2010

    Too Much Education

    One could have too much education, especially when you are an Asian American. According to a revealing report 'Hidden Disadvantage: Asian American Unemployment and the Great Recession' authored by Algernon Austin of EPI, the unemployment rate of Asian American is about 2 times comparing to white in the population with a college diploma. Language is not a barrier as the conclusion stays for those born in the US.

    Combined with well well known and well document information that educated Asian American receives less pay than all other ethnics groups: white, black, Hispanic, it's obvious education is not a good thing for an Asian in the America.

    Sunday, June 06, 2010

    21 Brothers, Where Art Thou?

    Feng Congde, one of the 21 student leaders who were haunted by the communism regime after the massacre in 1989, wrote about the thereafter stories of his comrades 21 years ago.

    name affiliation in jailacademicdwelling
    Wang DanBeijing University1989-1993, 1995-1998Master(Harvard, 2001)US
    Wuer KaixiBeijing Normal UniversityHarvard University
    Dominican College
    Liu GangBeijing University1989-1995Master(Columbia University)US
    Chai LingBeijing Normal UniversityMaster(1993, Princeton University)
    MBA (1998 Harvad)
    Zhou FengsuoQinghua University1989-1990Master(1998, University of Chicago)US
    Zhai WeiminBeijing College of Economics1989-1993China
    Liang ChedongBeijing Normal UniversityBrigham Young University
    University of San Fransisco
    Wang ZhengyunThe Central University for Nationalities1989-1991China
    Zheng XuguangBeijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics1989-1991
    Ma ShaofangBeijing Film Academy1989-1992China
    Yang TaoBeijing University1989-1990
    Wang ZhixinChina University of Political Science and Law1990-1991China
    Feng CongdeBeijing UniversityMaster(1995, France Higher Institute)
    Leiden University
    PhD (2003)
    Wang ChaohuaChinese Academy of Social SciencesPhD (2010, UCLA)US
    Wang YoucaiBeijing University1989-1991
    Master(2006, UIUC)US
    Zhang ZhiqingChina University of Political Sciences and Law1991
    Zhang BoliBeijing UniversityMasterUS
    Li LuNanjing UniversityMaster(Columbia University)
    MBA(Columbia University)
    JD(Columbia University)
    Zhang MingQinghua University1989-1992
    Xiong WeiQinghua University1989-1990
    Xiong YanBeijing University989-1992Bachelor(NC Fayetteville)
    Master(Covenant Theological)
    Master(Trinity Christian College)
    Doctor(Gordon Conwell Theological)

    Being 'too yellow', Chinese American denied passport

    Chinese American Mr. Li of New Jersey was denied US passport because the officer at the State Department found his photo 'too yellow'.

    Friday, June 04, 2010

    21 Years Ago

    An illustration published by Southern Metropolitan, an influential newspaper 3 days before the anniversary. The author is Xiangma, a column cartoonist of the paper.

    Some people argued the biggest lost of the Tian'anmen Massacre was the entire generation of those born in the 1970s. Elder generations were not impacted as bad because they had gone through many, such as the Great Cultural Revolution. Younger generations simply did not know, thanks to the brainwashing by the communist Party.

    Among the 1970s population, they were exhausted and desperate. Some went oversea to hide themselves away. Some retreat to a life style with no moral value, but money value.

    However, every year this time, some people still try to remind the world. There was a massacre happened when government used tanks and machine guns to kill hundreds of peaceful protesting students in the heart of the capital city, Beijing.