Wednesday, January 05, 2011

More Evidence Surface for the Yueqing Slain Village Chief

While governments of Yueqing County and Wenzhou City (upper authority) stand by the 'traffic accident' decision, more evidence surfaced to point the case to a murder/execution by government officials.

1) The surveillance camera. There is a surveillance camera which belongs to the China Telecommunication Company, a state wireless communication carrier, oversees the scene of the accident. The police initially stated the camera was not capable of video recording, but only browsing in real-time. However, people found a video clip published by the police of the scene was taken from that particular camera. Then the police said that camera was calibrated less than 24 hours ago, and was set to be in browsing-only mode until 10:00 am on Dec 25, 2010, which was minutes after the accident.

2) Police still refused to release pictures and videos showing the truck traveling from the engineering site to the accident scene to counter witnesses' claim that the truck had been idling at the scene before Mr. Qian was inserted under the wheel by four uniformed policemen. Police had since arrested anyone who claimed to have seen the accident, along with their family members, sons, daughters, son-laws, etc. Journalists were denied access to these people and their families.

3) Qian told his family that the government was going to hurt him. As a matter of fact, he had been in hiding for the 2 nights prior to 12/25/2010. In both nights of 12/23 and 12/24, he left home to hide in undisclosed friends' places and returned to home after daybreak. In the morning of 12/25/2010, he took a phone call, then told his family he had to go out immediately. His family believed the call was from a deputy town mayor, who was seen by many witnesses to have instructed the public execution at the scene. Police said the call was from his friend, Mr. Wang, instead of the deputy mayor. Police had arrested Mr. Wang along with his family members, and denied journalists access.

Almost as if a calculated move, another villager was crushed to death by an engineering vehicle in Henan yesterday. This time the heavy duty machine went ahead to crush a 40 years woman who stood on its path, in the watching of more than 100 government officials, police, and almost as many villagers. The news anchor of the Henan provincial TV Station did not try to cover his anger when he blamed the officials as standing by and cheering after the woman was crushed. The video also showed a local official as quoting him, 'it's not enough to crush only a couple of villagers. The people will be educated after a dozen'. This video, aired in a miracle in China, and had been spreading like wild fire on the Internet was promptly silenced. However, copies still living on foreign video hosts such as youtube.

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