Thursday, January 13, 2011

Qian Yunhui Murdered, An Investigative Report

Liu Jianfeng, a reporter of the China Economic Timespublished his investigative report of the Qian Yunhui murder case. Liu interviewed key witnesses and collected solid evidence to dispute the official conclusion of 'traffic accident'. Liu's report pointed Qian was killed by uniformed police, and Liu had solicited witnesses to come forward. The report revealed:

1- The time of the case published by the police was wrong. The homicide happened at 9:30-9:33, instead of 9:45 as claimed by police;

2- The engineering truck was not traveling en route to a construction site as claimed by the police. Instead, it was identified parked at 5 meters away from the place Qian was crushed at 9:25;

3- The Deputy mayor of the town was at the scene issuing orders;

4- Qian's cell phone record was fixed by the police, the last call records were manually deleted after Qian's death;

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