Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Send a Postcard to Elder Qian


寄一张明信片给钱云会81岁的老父亲 转发就是关注,

As it is approaching the lunar calendar of the traditional Chinese New Year, consider sending a post card to the old father of late Qian Yunhui, who was brutally executed by the police one month ago in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province. Qian was the elected head of village Zhaiqiao. Because Qian led protest against taking villagers land without proper compensation, the local government chopped his head off with a heavy duty engineering truck at the entrance of the village in bright daylight, with villagers and travelers on the watch. Four police beat Qian, then hold his head down on the path a slow rolling wheel of the truck. When the accident caught national media attention, the government insisted it was an accident.

Qian's old father told reporters, at the moment Qian took the job six years ago, he knew Qian would be killed.

The postal address:

Mr. Qian Shunnan
Zhaiqiao Village
Puqi Town,
Yueqing City,
Zhejiang Province
China, 325609

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