Sunday, April 01, 2012

Shamed Korean Nominee Rejected

A Korean-American candidate to the associate justice at the New Jersey Supreme Court was shamed during the State Senate hearings and rejected in the end.

Phillip H. Kwon was a superb candidate to the post by professional aspects, with an array of high-flying positions from an clerk to a federal judge to a partner in top law firms, from experiences in US Attorney's Office to First Assistant Attorney General. However, Kwon was found lacking in personal life and ethics, in particular, his arrangement (or lacking arrangement) of his disabled father. Kwons were also questioned on their practice of 'structuring', that is breaking money into smaller account to avoid triggering IRS audit.

While Kwon insisted absolute wrongdoings, for any Asian-American under Confucianism, Kwon is a disgrace. Not because of his failure to grab a high judicial post, but because of what had been revealed in the hearings. That is definitely not a reflection of what Asian-American had been carrying down from generation to generation in thousands of years. And obviously, Mr. Kwon was not a representation of Asian-American. Asian-American community would be ashamed if he were seen as one.

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