Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updates; 2 Hours Later

Well, the country and the people kept the secret, until the official Xinhua News Agency released an authorized statement from the Party: Neil Heyood (aka Nick Wood in China) was murdered by Bo Xilai's wife Gu Kailai on Nov 15, 2011, over business dispute with Gu and Bo's son Bo Guagua, a Harrow/Oxford/Harvard student. Gu was under investigation by the judicial system.

When Gu Kailai (the official Xinhua news referred to her as Bo-Gu Kailai), an attorney at law, visited the US 15 years ago on a business trip, her US partners described her as the 'Jackie Kennedy of China'. Now, she will be remembered the murderer edition of Jackie Kennedy.

That had been the secret kept well by the millions of people for two months. Wang Lijun tipped off the case to the US officials when he walked in the US Consulate in Chengdu. Wang, the former police chief in Chongqing and a henchman of Bo, was investigating Heywood's death, when he was threatened by Bo, the Party chief in Chongqing. Several detectives were killed or detained by Bo before Wang's walk-in.

In the two months leading to this night, officials were informed of the case in a layer-by-layer fashion from top to bottom. The County-level officials were given a heads up of roughly two hours. Every one of them, millions in total, kept the secret until the official announcement from the Xinhua News. The heads up, from two months to two hours, is the symbol of their ranking over the common people, a power hierarchy they sworn to protect.

Reading between the lines:
Following the official Xinhua News announcement, many Netizens offered their reading and interpretation of the otherwise dry and short statements. It is worth noting that:
1) Bo's son was linked;
2) Bo's wife is referred to as Bo-Gu Kailai, instead of the often used name Gu Kailai. Bo himself is implicated in accusations against his wife; also hinted Gu held foreign passport (therefore no death sentence);
3) It must be something bigger than a business dispute: may it be political, or it may be personal (of romantic nature);
4) A task force 'reviewed' the murder case investigation originally initiated by Wang Lijun and confirmed Wang's findings;
5) Heywood's Chinese wife might have played a role in the case, so much about the tiger wife's fantasy after Rupert Murdoch's Chinese wife fenced off an attacker in the hearing at the House of Commons.
6) Another name Mr. Zhang Xiaojun was cited as Bo's Butler, when referring to the murder case. With the speculation that Heywood being Bo Guagua's butler, it seemed we had a case of a butler killed by a butler, both serving the same family.

Gu Kailai (born 1960) is the fifth daughter of PLA General Gu Jingsheng. Her mother Fang Chengxiu is a decedent of Fan Zhongyan. Gu graduated from Beijing University with a Bachelor's Degree in Law and a Mater Degree in International Politics. Gu is Bo's second wife.

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