Sunday, April 15, 2012

Victim's Family No Common People

The woman victim, Wu Ying, of USC shooting was found to be no common people. The father, Wu Xiyong, is the captain of the notorious Political Team of the Wuling District Police Bureau in Changde, Hunan. The mother is also a state official.

The 'Political Team' is an elite force, dedicated to persecution of political dissidents.

Official media in China does not report Wu Xiyong's name, but instead used a fake name Wu Yongxin, when reporting the tragedy. Also Wu was reported by official media a common policeman, not a captain of the 'Political Team'.

In the past few days, the sentiment on Chinese websites within mainland boundaries had switched drastically from showing sympathy to praising karma. Many posted published past reporting of Mr. Wu Xiyong torturing political dissidents, some over 80 years old, citing official media reports in the form of recognition of Mr. Wu's loyalty to the Party.

Every life is precious, especially a 23 year old young woman. In this case, the girl was described by her friends and USC contemporaries to be smart, diligent and living a disciplined and prudent life. A student of lower level emotionally recounted how Wu helped him in life and coursework after Miss Wu's death. Also, Miss Wu returned her home late that night because she was working on a group project until after midnight.

On the other hand, it's a time for the ruling class, the communists party of China, and all enforcing personnel to reflect on the future. They of course, shouldn't set up an oversize wok, and only to find themselves in the middle of it the next moment.

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