Monday, March 18, 2013

Chinese Community Torn Over Donation for Deceased Engineer

Yu (Alex) YIN, 1969-2013, was engineer of Qualcomm in California. Yu was survived by his wife, Lei (Lily) KANG, and three children. Yin's parents live in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. Yu was the second child among 5 siblings. Before coming to the US in 1996, Yu studied and worked at Fudan University.

The Yu family had been known for their kindness and generosity in supporting charity and community activities. Yu was diagnosed with stomach cancer in February and his condition deteriorated rapidly. Yu passed away 2 weeks later on March 6, 2013.

While some called for a fundraising campaign for Li's wife and kids, the topic soon triggered a heated debate of whether it's appropriate to make the call. Opponents argued the timing, and questioned the financial necessity.

On one hand, Li's wife Lei, also a Fudan University graduate, does not work. Lily needs to take care of his elder son, who has autism. On the other hand, social security checks and their savings and insurance should have provided a safenet for them to afford a lifestyle better than many who are struggling in low paying jobs.

Discussion over whether to donate or not occupied the top topics on MITBBS, a message board often frequented by oversea Chinese students and professionals. For days, half of the group labeled the other side as being cold blood, while the accusation was backfired as a moral lynching.

The emotional debate may become the start of ending of online fundraising for oversea Chinese community.

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