Friday, March 15, 2013

Mr. Calabash Monk Goes to Beijing (2013)

Li Yuanchao, then Provincial Party Boss of the CCP in Jiangsu, bragged about his handling of the Calabash Monk case as an example of his street smart.

Eight years later, Li Yuanchao became the Vice President of China. After the Calabash Monk case, the China had went on a different path, where not only people don't trust other people, but they all take defensive position against the judicial system. In the calabash monk case, the judge famously asked the Good Samaritan Mr. Peng Yu, "had you not hurt the old lady, why did you stop to help?" With any knowledge of the red China, readers should not be surprised on why does a Party boss mess up with the judicial system. However, anyone who cares anything about China would have noticed that as a direct outcome of the case, people would not even call the police when they witness someone in danger because they knew the next question from the authority would be, "why did you call for help if you did not cause it?"

As a member of the red-princelings, Li went to college in the middle of the Cultural Revolution in 1972, a rare opportunity reserved for privileged few. Like the rest of gang of red-princelings, he does not believe in any rules, including academic rules. In 1995, Li grabbed a J.D., conveniently from the Central Party School as a senior official.

Li's original given name was timely political 'Yuan-assisting' and 'Chao-Korea'. Li change the last Chinese character to a different word by adding 'water' to the left. This is against the traditional culture of keeping one's name.

Li shared many common traits with his partner, the President of China Xi Jinping. Both princelings, both recipients of bogus J.D., both being praised as bold and 'confident'.

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