Saturday, March 30, 2013

How Affirmative Action Will Bring Down the US

Believers of the Affirmative Action (AA) policy are invited to have a good look at pictures on the left, which depict the daily journey a group of 50 elementary students take to receive education.

These young men and women, aged 5 to 12 of Xinmin Village, Shimen Township, Weining County of Guizhou Province, get up before 5:00 in the morning, cook their own breakfast while they parents are working in some sweatshops somewhere hundreds of miles away. They will gather around 5:30 am and start marching to their elementary school 2 hours ahead, passing through dirty roads, mountains, graveyards and deserted illegal mining caves. Little boy Li Lei (with black and blue backpack, green sneakers) has heart problems. He will set out 20 minutes earlier accompanied by his sister Li Yao, so that he can take some breaks on their way and still get to the school on time.

After a full day's learning, they hack back together to the village via the same route to complete the daily routine.

These pictures were taken on February 28th, 2013.

Chinese across the world, rich and poor, study this hard when they have an opportunity. In the US, there are many Chinese who are professional with high income, but there are more first generation immigrants coming from poor countryside villages such as the one depicted in the pictures on the left who represents the bottom of the lower income society. Still, they work hard and educate their children to study hard, as they see that is the only way to change their fate through hard working. Look at these people, do they deserved to be punished by the Affirmative Action admission policy, just because they work too hard?

All men and women are born equal. Chinese are not more intelligent, and they too would prefer living on government welfare then working their butt off if that is a choice.

Imagine what if some US politicians descend from the sky and tell the kids that they will receive $500 each month for doing nothing. And that they will be rewarded with a 400 point advantage when applying to college. And the catch will be that they must not take learning seriously. They should not go to school unless there would be a shining school bus waiting and free meals provided. Most importantly, They must not score a passing grade otherwise not only all benefits would be gone but also they would be punished by openly discrimination in college admission process.

The US raised to the No. 1 economy in the world through hard working by late generations, not food stamp or affirmative action admission. Who should weep for the fall of the US? When?

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