Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ten Crimes Committed by Kai-Fu Lee

Taiwan born and US educated Kai-Fu Lee made himself top in the list of targets for China's propaganda machines, after he started tweeting about free speech and civil rights issues in China. As it always happens, when they can't deny what you said, they tried to bury you with lies.

Lee survived the first wave of attack from Dr. Fang Shimin 'Fang Zhouzi' who accused him of cheating on resume. Dr. Fang, a Michigan trained biology postdoc who married an official Xinhua News senior reporter, claimed Lee wrongfully bolstered his academic title at Carnegie Mellon University from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor. The second wave of attack came from a internationally renowned biologist Rao Yi, who took the Dean of Life Sciences Institute at Beijing University. Rao boldly claimed Lee did not even receive an offer for Assistant Professor at CMU.

Extremely nuances as they might look, they are prelude of a classical smear campaign which had been mastered by Big Brothers to silence a criticizer of the regime. Otherwise it would be perplexing to read Dr. Fang and Dr. Rao's blindly evilization of Lee. Dr. Fang had repeatedly stated himself, that AP in the US should not be translated to AP in Chinese, because the two systems were very different. He even claimed that any AP in a Research I university qualifies as academician in Chinese system. In Dr. Rao's case, with his background, training and experience in the US academia, it will be totally crazy to accuse someone having cheating on academic title without a single thread of proof, especially when Lee was such a big shot in the CS, whose contribution in Natural Language Processing, a branch of Artificial Intelligence has lasting impact till today. Lee left CMU to become a senior executive in Microsoft and later Google.

Dr. Fang and Dr. Rao's participation of this smear campaign is a reflection of the infiltration of Party in the Chinese academic world.

The drama ended when Lee posted his diploma, offer letter, and the President of CMU wrote a letter to clarify Lee's position was indeed associate professor level.

Lee was recently diagnosed with Cancer, and the Party's propaganda team smelled blood. This time, they accused Lee of pretending cancer patient to advertize for pharmaceutical companies among other horrific crimes in an all-out bombardment.

The official Party Organization (Dang Jian, aka Building Up CCP) published a 9,000 word editorial, accused Kai-Fu Lee of ten crimes:

  1. Sexuall harassment to minors both in the US and in China;
    Seagull Comment: Someone should tip the D.A. in the US instead of lashing out on an official Communist Party publication in China.
  2. Using backdoors and trojan horses to steal Chinese users's financial information as former Google executive;
    Seagull Comment: Google watch out, you are the next
  3. Giving inspirational talks to youth while being a loser in life;
    Seagull Comment: Who would claim himself a winner, if Lee were deemed a loser?
  4. Fabricating history to glorify murders and advocate killing;
    Seagull Comment: What else is this guy capable of?
  5. Running a business, in reference to Lee's angel investing firm, like a charity;
    Seagull Comment: Is this really a crime?
  6. Cultivating hatreds among the youth towards government;
    Seagull Comment: Looks like this piece of editorial had achieved more
  7. Spying for the US government;
    Seagull Comment: Hang him, after you finished creating the evidence
  8. Launching ideological war against Chinese government;
    Seagull Comment: A modern day Don Quixote? Way to go!
  9. Slandering official government agencies such as the Central China TV (CCTV) and Xinhua News Agency;
    Seagull Comment: Bravo!
  10. Faking cancer to sell drugs.
    Seagull Comment: A gifted plot, precious!

When Lee announced his lymphoma diagnosis in September, he was already named by the official Xinhua News Agency as a public enemy number one in the height of cracking down of online speech. Chinese-American venture capitalist and Berkeley graduate Charles Xue 'Manzi' was arrested on spreading anti-government rumors online. A gray hair Xue in tears and running nose was brought to appear on the CCTV to tell people how he had cheated on payment to prostitutes and how he had married to a woman, who was ex-wife of a son of a corrupted official. China observers had thought that God was helping Lee with a death sentence to deflect the inevitable incoming train of propaganda, so that he could be left alone, and die with a good name. It's evident that even God cannot help Lee, facing off with a Party who does not believe in God, morale, ethics, value, or anything that matters.

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