Monday, October 28, 2013

The Bad Guys

Chinese students do not have rights to protest government policies. However, they have every right to protest a bad cafeteria. As a compromise and interests exchange, Chinese students are usually permitted to show their anger on 'minor' issues, such as bad food in their school cafeterias.

Oct 27, A senior high school in Sanya of Hainan province launched a strike to protest food price at the school cafeteria.

Oct 24, students at Dongfang (Oriental) College in Hebei Province destroyed the school cafeteria.

Sept 13, students at No. 2 senior high school in Shangqiu of Henan Province destroyed the school cafeteria.

The outcome of these kind of conflict usually favors the students, which in a way encourages the frequent protests. The undertone is that except politics, everything is negotiable. Students were told that the reason for bad food were greedy catering companies, and that the Party would take care of their needs.

Oct 25, doctors and nurses in a hospital in Wenling of Zhejiang Province armed themselves with surgery masks protect from tear gas attack while they were holding a funeral service for a doctor who was killed at work by a patient. Medical personnels, like catering staff, are strategically deployed as the vent for people's resentment, and have been treated as such. Doctors and nurses were painted as the reason for high healthcare costs, the public enemy.

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