Thursday, January 09, 2014

Discrimination in the Public School System

It is no small coincident that China and US are the two superpowers across the Pacific.

Shanghai municipal government quietly changed the way they measure air pollution, to be specific, they redrew the line to mark a day 'polluted', to inform the world that their air quality had improved. Addressing the source of pollution might be too troublesome. Last month, the world was shocked to find PM2.5 count in Shanghai to be much worse than the notorious smog city Beijing. The Shanghai government acted swiftly to change the numbers, instead of to find out what had caused the climbing numbers.

When it came to attention of President Obama that African American students represented 1/3 of those who had been suspended from school, he sent school districts across the nation a letter through DOJ, threaten federal prosecution because this is a deviation from the 15% share in total student population. The President was outraged and appalled by the fact that it seems that African American students were 'disproportionately' fell victim of school disciplines. Specifically, DOJ told schools to end the zero tolerance police towards campus violence.

For students who actually use school to learn knowledge, the Obama Administration's approach is as it appears a discrimination against them simply because of their skin color is not the preferred ones.

As parents, we are deeply troubled and worried by the President's new initiative. We want our kids to have a safe environment in school. Schools are where young men and women learn knowledge, not where they would attack others or exchange drugs. Students were suspended for a reason. If not, the DOJ could intervene any specific cases, and helf whoever crossed a line accountable. However, we felt it was wrong to enforce a quota system along racial composition. The DOJ might as well to implement a 'Lottery' system to randomly draw kids from White or Asian groups to be suspended so that the number would look right to the President of The United States.

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