Monday, January 13, 2014

Song 'Yaowu' Binbin Apologized

Song Binbin/Yaowu apologized to those who suffered because of her deeds during the Great Cultural Revolution at the Affiliated Laboratory High School (formally the girls's school) of Beijing Normal University. Song, with original name 'Binbin', was the first to beat her teacher to death as a showing of loyal to Chairman Mao. On August 5, 1966, Bian Zhongyun was beaten to death by Song Binbin and her classmates, including daughter of Deng Xiaoping. Tens of thoughts of high school students would follow suit. Song was crowned with a name coined by Mao himself on August 18, 1966, 'Yaowu'. A literal translation of 'Yaowu' is 'demand violence'.

Song was also accused of having committed numerous other horrified crimes at the time, including a killing contest. Random people as well as selected targets would be beaten to death by brute force, without using knifes or guns. Some accused her to be responsible for the following nationwide violence against teachers and intellectuals.

Song apologized for 'what she did', but fell short of admitting anything she did wrong.

The Great Cultural Revolution was an endless internal fight between different camps under Chairman Mao. Those who had persecuted others often found themselves thrown over the bus by Mao overnight. Thus in later days, the red princelings often paint a picture of being the victims at one point of their lives, but skipped over the part when they were the evil.

Song was daughter of senior Party official Song Renqiong. Song was the second princelings to make high profile formal apology for what they did during the Great Cultural Revolution era. Chen Xiaolu, son of Chen Yi was the first to have made such an apology.

Although some individuals are reflecting on the hurt of harm they had caused when they were young. The 'system' have been pointing the other way. Song was highlighted with a new award as a distinctive graduate for what she did during the Cultural Revolution by her alma mater in 2007.

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