Monday, May 05, 2014

The Princeton Dude Needs to Check his Facts

A Princeton freshman found himself under the liberal bombardment because of a paper he wrote on his family past. In the paper, Tal Fortgang, a grandson of Polish Jewish immigrants who worked their butts off with a clear vision to support their family and see their children success. Tal did not understand the bias against white people who earned their success through hard work with a deep believe in education and family value. Fortgang concluded his paper "Checking My Privilege: Character as the Basis of Privilege" which was published by the Princeton Tory journal in April with the sentence ".. I apologize for nothing."

Having a discussion is always a better scenario then suppressing any idea that is not officially endorsed. Mr. Fortgang is brave to touch a very sensitive and often volatile topic. However, the possible history or political science major needs some training in fact checking before speaking out in public. For one, if not thanks to Affirmative Action and Princeton University's distorted admission standard, Mr. Fortgang probably wouldn't even be able to find a seat on the privileged campus.

In the article, Fortgang recounted his parents's immigration to the US, "a country that grants equal protection under the law to its citizens". This history major should have heard of the Chinese Exclusion Act, a law passed by the US federal government and signed by the President of the United States, to specifically suppress Chinese Americans. No, there was never anything close to this to any other groups of ethnics, not Africans, not Hispanics, not Polish nor Jews.

Fortgang needs to look back no further than seven years, when a Chinese student Jian Li filed a civil complaint against Princeton University, after denied admission because of his race.

In response, the Daily Princetonian, who billed itself the second college newspaper in the nation to publish daily since 1892, ridiculed Li with a parody, which mocked Li's parents for doing hard labor in a Chinese restaurant to support their children's education. The article goes like this in an obvious broken English perceived spoke by illiterate Chinese Americans such as restaurant operators, and the Seagull quoted here

"I so good at math and science...My dad from Kung Pao Province....Lots of bulldogs here for me to eat."

It is worth noting that this piece of dog shit was endorsed by then Princetonian editor in chief Chanakya Sethi, and supported by a Harvard student journalist Sahik K Mahtani, both Indian. There is no secret that Chinese and Indian are the two groups who directly compete at all fronts in the US. Therefore on one side it's a pity Indians could go so low, on the other side, it's a shame the Princeton University knows how to play a house underclass to fence off a filed underclass.

The Princeton University tried to launch a smear campaign to throw the stereotype of first generation Chinatown Chinese restaurant workers on a promising young scholar. In the real world, Jian Li graduated top 1% from Livingston High School, which has been consistently ranked a top school in the US. Li scored 2400 on the SAT, as well as perfect or near-perfect scores SAT subject tests in Math Level 2, Physics, and Chemistry.

Recent peered reviewed academic papers showed that with all other factors equal, it took Chinese a whole 50 more points in SAT then white students to get admitted by elite universities because of the racially motivated quota system imposed by schools such as the Princeton University.

Mr. Fortgang and his peers alike at the Princeton University better take a good look at the reflections from the puddle of their own pee, and ask themselves this question: would they have gotten where they were, if it were not their skin color?

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