Friday, May 16, 2014

Hua Chunying Comment on Chinese Killed in Vietnam

Reuters reported 16 Chinese had been killed in the anti-China riot in Vietnam. Companies and factories owned by Chinese or Taiwanese were looted. Dormitories were set fire while Chinese workers hiding inside.

This round of nation-wide riots broke when the coast guards of the two nations

The riot had occupied the social and political discussions in Hong Kong and Taiwan. As Vietnamese can not tell apart, their properties were destroyed too.

The news were strictly blocked inside mainland China. There is no single word mentioning the wide spread riot on any traditional media. All posts on the Internet posted by Netizens were promptly removed.

At a news pre-scheduled routine news brief, in respond to a reporter's question as to why Chinese media turned a blind eye to the loss of lives of Chinese workers in Vietnam, the spokeswoman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry Ms. Hua Chunying said, "in your day to day life, you have frictions with your friends, colleagues and co-workers, do you want to get over it and move on with bilateral conversation or do you want to shout out in a speaker for propaganda purpose?"

The candid answer reconfirmed many common understanding of how things work in China.

  1. People's lives really mean nothing comparing to the Party's interests;
  2. All media in China is under the Party's tight control;
  3. Anything that were actually reported by any Chinese media were indeed, propaganda.

News briefs by the Foreign Affairs Ministry is a worthy event for foreign journalists, because their many beautiful spokeswomen have been known to offering straightforward wisdom you wouldn't read in the People's Daily.

In a news brief on March 3, 2011, spokeswoman Jiang Yu threatened foreign journalists that they would not be allowed to use Chinese law as their shield against state persecution.

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