Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Toyota Cars Leak Oil

Toyota's brand new Reiz and Crown were reported suffering from oil leaks. A Toyota Reiz driver's club estimated that 30-50% of new Reiz and Crown were seen oil leaking within 2000 miles, and greater than 80% of Toyota Reiz and Crown were seen oil leaking within 5000 miles.

Toyota brushed the problem off as non-safety related, and refused to issue a recall. Some Reiz owners were confused when they observed that Toyota dealers trying different seals to fix the problem. At first, they used a light-grey seal made in Japan, then an unknown black seal, then a red seal made in Germany. Although Toyota issued maintenance guideline to its dealers, many owners were told the problem was a design flaw that couldn't be fixed. Many more had their cars serviced multiple times at the Toyota dealer. They were promised the problem would be gone, only to see it coming back in a few days. Others were feel in tricks by Toyota dealers in believing their cars were not infected.

Priced at $24,975, Reiz was well received by the Chinese market when Toyota released it at the beginning of this year. The first quarter sales hit 16,000. Toyota has several assemble lines in Tianjin, where Corolla, Vois, Reiz and Crown cars are produced. The trouble making engines involved were manufactured its plant in a northeastern city Changchun.

First Finance Daily, ASQ

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