Friday, May 25, 2007

For an 8 year old gril Anna Mae He

Please come to this website to make a donation for the Baker family in their legal fighting for welfare of 8 year old Anna Mae He. Yes, we Chinese care about fairness, and we care about the wellbeing of the little girl.

Recap of the event: Anna was abandoned by her biological parents after born. The father, 'He', a human smuggler and sex offender, suspected Anna was not his biological daughter. The mother, 'Qin', entered into the US with a fake document suffers in difficult financial situation. They begged the Bakers to adopt Anna.

Now, Anna is an 8 year old daughter, the 'He' family wants her back, and they win. The Tennessee Supreme Court bent to the Chinese political power. The 'He' family was depicted as hero standing high against greedy American rich who steal Chinese babies. This is unfair to the Bakers family, it's unfair to the girl, and it is not good for the wellbeing of the girl.

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