Thursday, May 17, 2007

Marth 10th, 2004

What happened on March 10th, 2004 was made clear by James Comey's Senate testimony on May 15th, 2007. According to one Senator as the hearing, the incident was nothing he had heard of in his 25 years of Senate service. Or as the Washington Post put it, 'so shocking it would have been unbelievable coming from a less reputable source.'

It's more drama then Hollywood movies, and is enriched with guns, presidential order, intensive care room visit, FBI holding off White House chief of staff, and a total resignation of top law enforcement officers in the nation including Attorney General John Ashcroft, Acting Attorney General James Comey and the FBI director Robert S. Mueller III joined by almost entire Department of Justice senior staff.

Well, can't resist the humor of his Washington Post columnist:

Waterboarding Ashcroft

Every Republican candidate is jockeying to prove he's scarier than the guy to his left or right. Last night at the GOP debate only McCain took a strong stand against torture. Most of the rest endorsed "enhanced interrogation techniques." Tom Tancredo endorsed the Jack Bauer method of questioning suspected terrorists. Waterboarding? Whatever!

You know that this is the methodology that Gonzales would have used on Ashcroft in the hospital if Comey hadn't raced to Ashcroft's rescue. A man in intensive care is known to be succeptible to enhanced interrogation techniques. John, we have ways of making you sign this document.

Sometimes I wonder if some of the people in this Administration are not entirely...what is the word...nice. Card said he and Gonzales "were just there to wish him well." That's Washington: Everyone always looking for an opportunity to succor the ailing. [Comey testified, fyi, that Bush called the hospital room and that's how Mrs. Ashcroft learned that Gonzales and Card were on the way.] Comey's testimony turns a known event into a scene from Hollywood. I'm seeing Andy Garcia as Gonzales and Gene Hackman as Ashcroft. Andy Card? Maybe Charlie Sheen in a comeback role. And Comey has to be either Matthew McConaughey or that cat who looks just like him.

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