Thursday, May 03, 2007

Chinese Student Arrested

A Chinese high school student of the Clements High School in Houston, Texas was arrested by school district police for making a 'mod' of a popular video game CounterStrike. A mod of a game is a new map, often created by a player on a familiar subject. The police also found a hammer after searched the kid's home, which was taken in as evident of potential weapon.
source: slashdot
a few notable comments:

If any high school students are reading this...
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by koreth (409849) * on Wednesday May 02, @03:48PM (#18961609)

Please take heart. Not all of us adults are such utter fucking morons.

Not that you'd know it from the comments on the article, where a depressing number of people say they hope he has learned from his "mistake."

I bet he has. He's learned to keep his activities secret from the authorities if he values his freedom. He's learned a little bit about what it's like to live in an increasingly paranoid, authoritarian society, where innocuous activities that harm nobody can get one declared an enemy of the people. He's learned that politicians have no compunctions about advancing their own careers by ruining the lives of the people they supposedly serve.

His mistake wasn't making the map. If FPSes had been around when I was in high school I would have loved to play on a map of the school; unlike a bunch of adults, it seems, I understood and understand the difference between video games and reality. His mistake was not being sufficiently clandestine when he shared it with his friends. Hopefully he will take this as a valuable lesson about the value of covering his tracks thoroughly in his daily life.


We need revolution and we need it now
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by Sneakernets (1026296) on Wednesday May 02, @03:47PM (#18961591)
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I did this with my high school. I showed it to my teacher in CAD class. He loved it. We converted it to a Doom II map. we played it. No one died, no one cared. in fact, I was given an award from my school for my "excellent achievements", partly due to that.

I also remember a group called the POCD made a DoomII mapset with school layouts. The maps turned out to be a hit in deathmatch, especially on "Last man standing" mode that was added in a recent Doom port, Skulltag.

Now you can be arrested for...... this? What I got.. this plaque for?

*a tear falls down his cheek*

America, what is wrong with you?


And they wonder why...
by CherniyVolk (513591) on Wednesday May 02, @05:04PM (#18963041)

Perhaps, the real reason children are shooting up schools is because adults are wrong and kids know this and become frustrated by it. To be honest, there were times I'm certain I would have done the same thing. Honestly, a feeling of solitude kept me secure from ever actually doing it. This day and age, we can see how wide spread the bullshit is, and there's no feeling of solitude putting doubts into the minds of young ones, as they clearly see, many others who agree. The world is much smaller, thanks to the internet. When I was growing up, I had to go on a back porch to contemplate the world and I had no choice to figure I was in the wrong since I had no other opinions easily available.

However, if my child were to ever get treated like this... I have good aim, and the school officials might be in trouble. Afterall, social workers will probably take my child away anyway to be psychologically evaulated or some other bullshit. You can't take much more from a parent... and you can't dishonor one any more.

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