Tuesday, May 29, 2007

High School Students in a Harmonic Society

While the official theme of the Chinese society is 'harmonic', the nation was shocked watching a YouTube video depicting high school students walking around in class while mocked, ridiculed and hit an ailing teacher.

The incident happened at a vocation training high school, Beijing Haidian Art Vocation High School. While most kids in large cities go to college, this type of schools offer opportunities for the few who don't. Nevertheless, the scene where a teacher was abused by students were so shocking that thousands, and perhaps millions of Chinese Netizens used Internet to show their shock and anger. Some offered bound for physical discipline of the kids involved, and some went to the school to confront the principle. An online forum dedicated to discussion of the incident was set up. Local medias sent reporting groups to the school, and local police patrolled the school.

A formal student of teacher Li wrote:


The news was first blocked in China as it's against the harmonic society the CCP advocating. Then it was uploaded to the YouTube, a popular website and a Google subsidiary out of control of the CCP. It occupied many YouTube rankings in no time, including No. 1 most viewed Chinese and No. 1 most viewed film and animation, and many others. However, YouTube/Google's handling of the event is equally remarkable then the event itself. Although the video claimed 330 thousands clicks and 3 thousands comments in 3 days while occupying more than 2 dozens of YouTube 'honors'. It was taken off the cover page of 'most viewed' videos so that people who wondered into YouTube won't be able to see it.

Although it's clearly an embarrassment of the collapse of education system on moral values, the incident is nowhere close to the Tiananmen massacre or a scandal of government bureaucracy. For many concerned, it's such a chilling revelation that YouTube is collaborating with the CCP propaganda department in building the harmonic society online.

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