Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Journalist Fired After Reporting Fatal Therapy

A reporter was forced to resign after reporting fatal therapy to treat Internet addiction.

Corporal punishments such as beating and electric shock were used along with brain surgery to treat adolescent who were found addictive to Internet surfing. The 'doctors' working at such facilities were not certified. Thousands were treated, and some were never walked out of the prison like facilities.

After the media coverage, such 'Internet Addiction' Rehab were banned, and treatments were denounced illegal.

Still, the messenger was shot. The reporter and deputy chief editor of South Country Morning Daily (Nanguo Zaobao) was forced to resign because of his story on a wrongful death of one of the victims of such illegal centers.

15 years old Deng Senshan of Nanning, Guangxi Province was sent to one of said 'centers' by his father, hoping to stop his non-stop Internet surfing life style. Days later, the father received his son's body with bloods and bruises, cold.

Although even the authority deems the message to be authentic and prompt, the messenger must die so that no more bad news would be delivered. Chinese people are living in a harmonic society under the ruling of the communists Party, you know?

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