Saturday, August 01, 2009

OMG, Dog Ate My Homework

It is yet another moment in American Higher Education when one has to face the reality. This time, however, it is the professors who are pulling their hairs and struggling to find a rope.

A small time Wake Forest University assistant professor published a paper with historic value, in which she found private colleges who had adopted merit-based financial aid found their academic outcome elevated moderately while, as 'concerned by the author', minority enrollment slid.

A reader at the Inside Higher Ed (IHE) quickly pointed out the flaws in the phony research. First of all, an institution wide SAT increase of 22 or 35 is actually 'huge' for any college, especially those top tier colleges who have little room for improvement already. Secondly, a 2 percent decline of enrollment over 10 years is not only statistically insignificant but also hardly not affected by other possible factors.

While the US higher education is lagging behind even more comparing to its international pars on daily basis, some phony researchers are finding an overall significant improvement in academic a major 'concern'. Yeeha!

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