Sunday, August 02, 2009

More Chinese Students Assaulted in Australia

More Chinese were assaulted in Australia. Four Chinese students were assaulted near the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. Inspired by Victorian Supreme Court Justice David Harper's rent ruling that the maximum jail time for white killing Chinese was 10 years, Asian hunters are mobilized on Australian streets to act out their holy duty.

Asian students are ripen target for white Australian. Besides Chinese, Indian are also attacked in mass scale. Unlike their quiet Chinese counterparts, Indian leaders are vocal to condemn the barbarian violence in disgust. On June 9, 2009, Indian Prime Minister said he was appalled by the senseless violence and crime, some of which are racist in nature. Indian students launched mass protest in Melbourne (5/31/2009) and Sydney (6/7-10/2009), as well as in front of the Australian Embassy in New Delhi.

Bollywood's largest labor union declared that its members would boycott Australia until it stopped encouraging on white residents to assault on Indian student. Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan turned on an Honorable doctorate from the Queensland University of Technology.

The Chinese Ambassador to Australia Mr. Zhang Junsai, however, refused to make comment on the handling of racial hate crimes by the Australian authorities. "If a Chinese citizen loves China, he should have stayed within the boundary of China, rather than coming to the Australia," Mr. Zhang said. He added, "If a Chinese consciously chose not to stay in his motherland in China, then he is not a loyal Chinese, and should be punished."

Australian is such an amazing species. With a 92% white population, one in five claimed to be a victim of racist abuse, according to an 11-year study into racism in Australia by a collaboration of Australian universities. Go figure.

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