Saturday, August 08, 2009

Lawyers Must Follow the Party

Aiying Wu, the Minister of Justice request lawyers to follow the Party. She gave the talk at a provincial head of justice department meeting on August 6, 2009.

Minister Wu stated, lawyers must firmly obey leadership of the Party, and follow the correct political direction. She emphasized the importance of establishing Party organizations in all law firms.

By this time, among 140,000 law firms in mainland China, 3895 has build-in Party organization; 8075 firms share combined 2692 Party organizations. Appointees or liaisons have been appointed to each of the rest 2741 firms. Every law firm in China is under the direct and firm control of the Party.

Lawyer Xiaoyuan Liu questioned the legality of Wu's talk in his blog. Liu argued Liu's talk was contradictive to the Lawyer Code of the PRC.

Wu, born in 1951 and taking office in 2005, is the second women Justice Minister in China.

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