Friday, July 02, 2010

NPR's Michele Martin Wanted to Know Whether A Chinese Student Would Steal Her American Roommate's Toothpaste

On Air in the 'Tell Me More' program, NPR host Michele Martin interviewed two roommates journalism students covering the World Cup in South Africa and the team mentor Knight Professor Joe Ritchie of Florida A&M University. Ritchie worked for the Washington Post as a foreign editor.

Clarece Polke is one of six journalism students from the Florida A&M University; Wang Fan 'Christine', is one of six journalism students from Shantou University of China.

3:06 Michele: Were you surprised, Christine, that there were so many Chinese there?
3:10 Christine: No, because before I came here, I knew there were a large Chinese population here. So it's not quite surprising to me.
3:19 Michele: So Clarece, as I understand, you and Christine are roommates?
3:22 Christine & Clarece: Yes we are.
3:24 Michele: How are you guys getting along?
3:27 Clarece: Oh, We love it, she's like a buddy.
3:28 Martin: She's not stealing your toothpaste,..(pause).., or anything like that?

I didn't get the joke, did you? What kind of joke was that?

The July 1, 2010 edition of the NPR 'Tell Me More'/'Budding Journalists Take On World Cup' audio in its entire length (12:21) is accessible from NPR website

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