Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Ailing Tiger

Peng Jiaheng is perhaps the last 'tiger' alive in mainland China. The communism government did not keep record on former KMT soldiers. Actually, being a war hero of the Anti-Japanese invasion was seen as a living embarrassment for the communist party, because in the propaganda textbooks used in schools across the country, the communist party is the only party responsible to have defeated the Japanese and defended the motherland.

It's not surprising that when Mr. Peng, a former 'flying tiger' fighter pilot, who voluntarily returned to mainland in 1950 to build the motherland, became ill, he could not count on the government for a veteran healthcare. Mr. Peng's family had sold their house, but money was still not enough for the treatment.

Thank you Mr. Peng, in name of the people.

Peng went to US for pilot training in 1942, and joined the 14th Air Force in 1944. In 1945, he received a Distinguished Flying Cross for more than 50 combat flights. Although the real volunteer 'flying tigers' was later transformed into formal military participation after the Pearl Harbor, they were often referred to 'flying tigers'.

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