Saturday, July 10, 2010

President China's Fake Diploma

The 'Emperor Employee', or 'No. 1 Career Executive' of China, Mr. Tang Jun (actually, Mr. Tang is an American citizen) was revealed to having made up his education experience. Mr. Tang had claimed he held doctoral degrees from University of Nagoya and CalTech. Both turned out to be false. Mr. Tang produced a diploma from Pacific Western University issues in 1995. Not only the 'University' had been a known diploma mill that to be disbanded by both California and Hawaii where they operated, but also the issuing date was in a gap (1994 to 1996) when they were not allowed to renew their business license. Mr. Tang is the only employee among entrepreneurs in the Top 500 most wealthy people in China, with an annual benefit of $1B RMB ($150 Million) at his current job. Mr. Tang held the CEO of Microsoft China before he left Microsoft in 2001.

Anyway, that was yesterday's news, and the ripple effects of the it are causing collateral damages to an unprepared group of elite executives of Chinese companies and made them busy fixing their online resume. According to a Wikipedia run by Baidu, more than 100 people changed their who is who VIP entries to remove references to the university.

Communism officials, too, are caught in surprise. Vice President of China, the next 'core' of CCP and President of China to succeed Mr. Hu Jintao, is also a fake diploma buyer, only from a Chinese university, the Qinghua University.

Operating a rather successful residential college aside, Qinghua University is the largest diploma mill in China, specialized in customizing advanced degrees from communist Party members and wealthy businessmen alike. For example, Mr. Xi Jinping, received a J.D. from Qinghua University. His dissertation is entitled 'Rural Marketing Is the Right Way for China's Economy'. The paper in its full length is available for download from Qinghua University's website.

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