Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

Wikileaks.org released thousands of top secret government documents, proof of the undiscriminated slaughtering of civilians by the US and NATO military forces in Afghanistan. Many believed a Maryland intelligence analysis Manning who had been charged was responsible as the source. Manning was turned in by a California ex-convict hacker. However, what's even more ironic of this case was that the site WikiLeaks, who had been a continuing pain in the rear for US government, notably, for releasing the video footage of murdering of Route reporter by US military, was set up by Chinese political dissident, possibly with US intelligence grants, according to Wikipedia. The website was originally designed to use as an venue to publicize the dirty laundry of the Communist government in Beijing.

It seems the US government had surpassed their counterparts in Beijing in accumulating dirty laundries.

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