Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Milk, Milk, Milk

.1. Shengyuan Milk was widely reported by newspapers to having caused many infants sexual pre-mature. Girls and boys alike as young as 4 months old was found to have breasts developed as mature women. Shenyuan Milk is a major diary producer in China, with concentration in Northern area including Beijing and Hebei.

.2. A new round of diary product with over-dozed melamine are emerging in China. The government believes it is made from materials that was not properly destroyed in the previous round of cleanup. The Ministry of Heath stated that there was no 'technical methods' to guarantee all over-dozed product be destroyed.

.3. A new national diary product was released. This is the update to the standard made in 1986. Notably, required protein ingredient was lowered from 2.95% to 2.8%. The measure is believed to deter common practice of adding melamine to boot up protein ratio. Also, the allowed bacteria was increased from 500K to 2,000K. In comparison, the upper limit of allowed bacteria in South Korean standard is 7K.

.4. The Chinese Customs announced that mainland people could no longer get more than two tins of powder milk from oversea family members in mail. Ever since the melamine case broke out, many of the overseas Chinese community had taken the duty of sending powdered milk to their families with little kids in China. The new measure will effectively kill milk-by-post due to high cost of shipping.

- Whatcha gonna to do when they come for you? -

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