Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Philippine Celebrates Killing of Chinese

Hours after 8 Chinese tourists were killed by Philippine police, Philippines flooded the slaughter place with joy.

A group of school girls happily taking pictures of themselves, using the shattered bus as back drop. Chinese are not humored. Some commented they were as ugly as monkeys, while others rebutted monkeys wouldn't cheer at where same species were killed.

Police officers also took no time to join the celebration. Law enforcement officers from all branches of the force happily tour the site where eight Chinese were killed minutes ago. Many did not wait to take souvenir photos standing by the bus, making faces and chirping.

According to Hong Kong media, the president of Philippine refused to acknowledge any wrongdoings or missteps of the police in handling the hostage crisis when he meet with news congregation from Hong Kong. The president was joking and laughing and shrugged off any concerns of police performance.

President Aquino's response was criticized, and mass demonstrations had been continuing outside Philippine's consulate in Hong Kong.

The anger, and in some cases hatred to Philippine government, shown among Chinese were a Deja Vu for people across the Taiwan Strait. Thirty two Taiwan tourists were found dead in a boat in Qiandao Lake 'Lake with a thousand islands' of Zhejiang Province, China in 1994. Three local bandits raided the boat and killed all the passengers. The Communist government handled the tragedy following their normal protocol of covering up. The incident was a turning point of feelings people on Taiwan towards the mainland China. Prior to the incident, although seeing communism as the evil, 80% or more residents of Taiwan had a favorable opinion on reuniting with the mainland one way or another. After the incident, the figure dropped for the first time to less than 50%, and it never recovered.


凯尔 said...

It's not turning into "joy", it's pretty much just a natural reaction for some people in taking a picture of themselves in a part of history (good or bad).

For example....

Big Brother Chang (张二哥) said...

I see your point, but it is not supported by the pictures you linked, where students taking pictures celebrating their fight against regimes. The first picture shows a student taking picture in front of a burned APC. If you are familiar with what had happened that night, you would know that hundreds of military vehicles were burned down, largely left to be burned down by the troops, with no personal injuries at all.