Monday, August 16, 2010

This Side that Side

* Johns Hopkins University started need-blind admission, and it is a good news for Chinese.  As a matter of fact, any-blindness regardless is a good news for Chinese because they have been targeted in every twisted fashion in college admission.  If a white student need to achieve 80% to be admitted to a university T, then a Chinese with similar background will have to exceed 90% to get in.  Of course Blacks or Latinos are totally different stories, but although White people cry foul the most often, Asian are the real victim.  Yeah, we like being blind.

* Hangzhou Youth reported that an entire bus-full of people fled the scene when one old lady fell, somehow, when the driver braked for a pedestrian crossing the road.  The old lady got a bruise on her head but was otherwise okay.  They were good people, to be clear, as some had offer the old lady their seats.  The old lady thanked them but stayed standing near the door because she only had one stop ahead.

Thanks to the Calabash Monk case in Nanjing three years ago, all Chinese are fleeing away and refused to offer help to others, especially to old ladies.  The communist judge famously questioned the defendant Peng Yu, who helped an old lady, why did you help her if you didn't caused her fell down? Peng was sentenced to pay a fortune to the lady, even though he claimed innocent, and he had many witnesses and a surveillance camera to back up.  The old lady, on the other hand, had a son who was a communist official in a powerful unit.

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