Sunday, September 05, 2010

China Never Short of Talents

Xiong Dazhen, 1913-1939, joined the Communism military to defend motherland against Japan after the war broke out. He was named the Equipment Chief of the Central-North District. Xiong recruited over 100 students and faculty of Qinghua University to design and build weapons and ammunitions. One year later, all of them were charged as spies. Xiong was sentenced to death. To save a bullet, a piece stone was used repeatedly to crack open Xiong's head.

Xiong took an infrared panorama picture (of the city of Beijing) when he was a student at Qinghua University. It was the first infrared picture of China. After graduated in 1935, he stayed at Qinghua University to continue his research in infrared photography. He was awarded a scholarship to pursue graduate degree in Germany in 1937, when Beijing fell to Japanese military. Xiong canceled his trip to Europe to fight the Japs.

The CCP never hesitated in killing talents, regardless talents in science, literature, military, or, Communism.

In contrary, the KMT often put talents above ideology. Many known Communism believers work in the central of KMT regime. Many top KMT officials were later revealed as CCP spies. Most of them were let go (abroad) even after their true identities had been discovered. In the end, KMT lost the mainland, and fled to the Island of Taiwan.

As a side note, almost all Chinese Nobel Laureates were educated under the KMT system; none of them came out of the mainland education system. But does it matter? Mainland is a mighty power in Eastern Asia. Taiwan is only to keep its independent status due to the US's military support.

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