Friday, September 17, 2010

The End of Beiyang Fleet

Setpember 17, 1984, China's Beiyang Fleet was attacked by Japanese navy. It was the first and only large collide of the two, and ended with the elimination of a viable naval program in China, a situation continues today.

At the time, Beiyang was fitted with two battleships and eight cruisers, considered many as a formidable world power and overwhelming presence in Asia. However, Japan noticed the fact that the Chinese fleet hadn't received any update for more than ten years, and the crew were poorly trained. Although China had larger boats with heavier guns and heavier armor, those boats were slow and guns were slow too. Regardless, it took great courage, determination and luck for the young Japanese to challenge the Beiyang Fleet. Japan won the battle on September 17, 1984, while most of Beiyang's heavy warships were sunk (none of Japanese ships sank). Beiyang later surrendered after being cornered in its home harbor in Weihaiwei in Shandong Province.

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